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What Exactly is Debt Consolidation Program ?

First of all get clear in your mind that it is Not a Loan . So Why we called it as Consolidate Your Debt Without a Loan

In other words, debt relief can dramatically cut the total amount that you owe to your creditors. Once you enroll in a debt settlement program, you won’t owe your creditors another dime until all of your debts have been settled.

If you find yourself in a financial crisis or are trying to prevent one from happening, a debt management or debt settlement can help you to control of your financial situation and get out of debt. A Debt Management Program makes it possible for debt consolidation to be successful, eliminating credit card and other debts.

The purpose of a debt relief service is to get you back on track financially through regular payments and satisfy your creditors so they will stop Harassing you. This section can help you decide if a Debt Management Program might be the right choice for you.

No fees until your debts are settled
No Charge for Cancellation
NOT A Debt consolidation loan
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A debt relief service is designed for people who can't get a loan or do not want to pay high interest on loan, but can pay their debt with some assistance and intervention. An BBB accredited debt consolidation agency can work with you and your creditors to form a plan that will get you out of debt.

How a Debt Consolidation Program Works ?

Let's say you are under huge mountain of bills to pay. You have no idea how you are going to handle your day to day expenses and debts, and situation is worse that you're afraid you will lose everything. Each paycheck is going to play catch up with your creditors. With late fees and back payments, the future is looking dark.

After you have done a budget, you'll know the difference between your income and expenditures. If your budget shows that you can continue to pay your living expenses, but need some help paying your debts, a Debt Consolidation Program can help you lot.

Working with a Debt Consolidation Professional will help you to manage your money to catch up on living expenses and work with your creditors to deal with your debt. A Debt Consolidation Management Program can help you to :-

Get back on track with regular monthly payments :-

  1. Get you out of debt one month at a time
  2. Communicate with your creditors
  3. Work toward accomplishing your financial goals
What Kinds of Debts Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Management Program ?

Many debts can be included in a Debt Management Program, including :
Most types of unsecured debt , such as
  • Credit cards,
  • Medical bills,
  • Department store cards,
  • Lines of credit,
  • Collection accounts and taxes.
Secured debts such as your house and car always stay in your budget because you need them to live.

Who Can Participates ?

All major creditors participate in debt consolidation programs. Banks, credit unions, other lending institutions, department store cards, hospitals, collection agencies and state and federal governments etc.

How Do Debt Consolidation Management Programs Affect Your Credit Rating ?

Credit counseling does not affect your credit score. A Debt Management Program is designed to put you in a better financial situation. Getting out of debt by making consistent payments will get you back into a productive financial category and will improve your credit rating over time.

The Debt Consolidation Agency's Job :-

The Debt Consolidation Agency's job is to discuss where you are financially and what options you have. If a Debt Consolidation is the best option for you, the agency will take the monthly payment from you and disburse that payment to your creditors. They will also maintain communication with your creditors. Communicating with your Debt Consolidation agency will help to keep the situation consistent and in control.

The Creditors' Job :-

The creditors' job is to apply your payments to your accounts, follow policies regarding credit counseling and send you regular statements. You should monitor those statements to make sure they reflect that you are on the program and are making payments.

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