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Free Financial Software
Personal Finance Software for Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh

  • Abassis Finance Manager  :- Abassis is a simple to use budget and finance manager. If you want to take control of your expenses and want a program easy to use, yet more powerful than a simple spreadsheet, Abassis is the right tool for you. download here

  • A_Stock Alert    :- Receive free of charge real time data from stock exchanges. Receive an alert message (email, SMS on the cellular/handy phone) when stock values exceeds or drops below the certain limit. You will be informed of market movements when you need to be. download here

  • CoolTick - Stock Ticker   :-Easy, Small, Intuitive, Unobtrusive Scrolling Stock Ticker. download here

  • Diligent Dingo   :-The Diligent Dingo quickly and automatically fetches investment message boards, news, charts, company research, SEC filings, and general market research web pages. download here

  • Family Budget   :-Family Budget is a powerful and easy-to-use program to analyse your family budget. With this program you'll be able to understand to what things your family spends most of all money, and whom takes most of your family expenses. download here

  • Home bookkeeping   :-Home bookkeeping is to keep Your personal money. There are the following capabilities of Home bookkeeping: recording of expenses; recording of incomes; recording of credits and debts; monitoring of covering debts and many other options. download here

  • J and L Financial Planner Professional   :-The top rated J and L Financial Planner is tool that allows you to create simple or complex financial scenarios based on financial events through out your life. The program incorporates a Monte Carlo Analysis and Rule 72t. download here

  • OOBOX News Headlines  Receive the latest headlines from an unlimited number of web sites, directly on your desktop. download here

  • PC Currency Calculator   :-Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator (Money Converter) is a simple, fast and accurate currency conversion software that provides instant conversion between most currencies. Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator offers the convenience to perform money conversion / exchange rate on your desktop, saving you the hassle of connecting to the Internet!. download here

  • Personal Stock Monitor Gold   :-Personal Stock Monitor Gold is a desktop companion for online investors. It pulls quotes and news headlines from popular financial web sites around the world, organizes them into convenient views, and displays them in a scrolling desktop ticker bar. download here

  • Pre-Charge Secure Client   :-The preCharge Secure Client provides an in-depth analysis for ecommerce transactions. The software provides a direct link into the Secure preCharge API right on your desk top to provide the most comprehensive scoring system online today. download here

  • QX Invoice   :-Easy to use invoicing software, fully functional trial version available. download here

  • RDF-Ticker   :-RDF-Ticker is a newsticker application which fetches news from RDF/RSS-feeds and displays them on a ticker-bar. These feeds are based on a special XML-format, which lets client applications show them in any convenient way for the end-user. download here

  • SprinN Standard eng   :-SprinN, the best prediction tool based on Artificial Intelligence techniques (Artificial Neural Networks), gives you accurate open, hold and close recommendations for your investments in Capital Markets. Up to three variables per model. download here

  • The Financials.coms Free Charts, Tickers & Quotes   :-Add quotes, tickers & charts to your site by pasting free code at the spot on your web pages where you want the content to appear. download here

  • TradeTrakker Version 2.15   :-TradeTrakker is an easy-to-use, yet powerful financial portfolio management application. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced trader, TradeTrakker will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into how well your investments are performing. download here

  • Wintraday   :-Wintraday is the result of new market data display technology, and allows individual investors to keep on top of their investments with up-to-the-minute updates on stock activity. Wintraday is being offered to individual investors as an alternative to Web browser stock tickers, for intraday charts viewing. download here

  • WorldFlash Gold   :-Headlines serenely scroll on the top, or bottom of your screen- the full story, on a full page, is a double-click away. Get the latest news as you prepare presentations, work on spreadsheets and generally function in the real world. download here

  • ClearCheckbook helps:-
    • Keep track of all your checking, savings and credit card accounts in one place.
    • Balance your checkbook online from anywhere you can access the web.
    • Set up as many accounts and spending categories as you want!
    • Create monthly spending limits for your spending categories or for entire accounts.
    • Set up reminders so you'll never forget to pay your bills on time again.
    • Update your account and view your balance from your cell phone or AIM / ICQ.
    • Import your existing bank records directly into ClearCheckbook.
    • Never enter any credit card numbers or bank account numbers.
    • It's free and easy to use. download here

  • GnuCash Open Source Accounting Software

    • GnuCash is available on Microsoft Windows since the release of 2.2.0, and it also runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Mac OSX.
    • Language: English | Deutsch | Español | Français | Norsk Bokmål | Nederlands | Polska | Português.
    • GnuCash tracks bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As with most financial software, data is entered into GnuCash in a register. GnuCash is free software based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. GnuCash is actively and consistently developed and is free software that is improving all the time. GnuCash supports QIF imports and OFX downloads. GnuCash is free software, but if you use it and grow to rely on it enough you may wish to make a small donation using the link on GnuCash site. download here

  • AceMoney Lite

    AceMoney Lite is a freeware personal finance manager. It has all the features of its big brother except multiple accounts management. As AceMoney, AceMoney Lite helps people organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting needs:
    • Track your spending habits and see where the money goes
    • Create and manage budgets
    • Track performance of investments
    • Do your financial math in multiple currencies
    • Enjoy the convenience of on-line banking
    • Don't miss the next deadline for bills
    • Double check
    • Plan debts and mortgage payments
    • Do e-business with AceMoney :- Are you selling goods on eBay? Are you in a shareware business? Do it with AceMoney! AceMoney automates input of orders coming from PayPal, RegNow, RegSoft, SWReg and Plimus. Read more about this exciting feature here. download here

  • PLCash is a platform-independent personal financial program

    PLCash helps you:
    • Create and manage personal financial accounts.
    • Import and export data from/to Quicken and other financial programs.
    • Create reports and analyze your transactions using a sophisticated report generator.
    • Import prices to track the performance of your investments.
    • Interface with many other programs intuitively, using an industry-standard, transparent data file format.
    • Reconcile your records with bank statements.
    • Print checks in a variety of ways. download here

  • A Personal Finance Manager

    • CBB is a free, open-source finance management application. Written in Tcl/Tk and Perl, it is highly OS-independent. It may be used with UNIX, GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and more. With CBB you can keep track of your deposits and withdrawals from your checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and money markets. Generate reports summarizing your current financial state or graph your net worth and watch it grow. With CBB, you may easily load your existing Quicken accounts. CBB: free personal finance management without all those ads.
    • CBB is production-stable, and will satisfy most personal finance needs. Currently, it has been well tested only on GNU/Linux, but it should work under most UNIX variants. Mac and Windows versions of Perl and Tcl/Tk exist and are highly compatible with UNIX versions, so it should be fairly easy to make CBB work in those environments. download here

  • Cashbox is a personal finance applicaiton for Mac OS X:

    Cashbox was designed from day one to be a quick and simple to use application for managing personal finances. As it has evolved, it has become more feature packed while keeping with the original goal of simplicity. Today Cashbox's robust feature set includes:
    • QIF Cashbox imports files in the Quicken Interchange Format so you can easily import information obtained from online bank accounts or other sources.
    • Printing Need your account information on paper? You asked for it, you got it!
    • Searching You can easily find transactions by searching for them.
    • Transfers Cashbox keeps track of transfers between two accounts for you.
    • Reports Graphical reports can be generated in many different ways so you can track where your money comes from and where it goes.
    • Reconciling Save time with Cashbox's built in reconciling system.
    • Localization English, French, German, Italian. Your language could be next! download here

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