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Consumer Protection Laws

Credit Repair Organizations Act
  • Your Defense Against Scams.
    Don't be the victim of a scam! Know what credit repair organizations can and cannot do with your credit, and make an informed decision when deciding to use one.
Credit Applicants - Equal Opportunity
  • Applying for credit can be scary enough.
    You shouldn't have to worry about your rights being violated, so know what the Equal Credit Opportunity Act does for you.
Federal Trade Commission - FTC
  • Know Your Rights As A Consumer.
    Your rights as a consumer are protected under the law. How do you know if you're being treated fairly? What should you do if you believe your rights have been violated?
The Truth About The Truth In Lending Act
  • Reading the fine print can be tedious and time consuming when you apply for credit. Take your time, because understanding the details will allow you to compare offers and your options to make good credit decisions.
What is A Credit Score
  • How Is It Used?
    Has your credit application been denied because your credit score is too low? Learn about scores and how to improve yours.
Why You Need A Good Credit Rating
  • Having a good credit rating means having access to additional credit and options when you need it. Do you know how to build, maintain, and improve your credit rating?
You Are Entitled To Fair Debt Collection Practices
  • Find out more about debt collection and what your rights are under the law. Though you've fallen behind on a debt, you are entitled to fair and considerate treatment.

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